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Wednesday 18 May 2022

Alex Fanjul [2022] - Superfly / Dance Into My Song / The Cheater [Self Released]

Alex Fanjul (Alejandro Fanjul Garcia) is a guitarist, composer, producer from Gijón, Spain. He began playing guitar when he was very young and later played bass for a band called Thebas. When the group disbanded two years later he left music returning to it in 2007 playing with several bands which were all short-lived. 

He decided to start a new project at the start of the Covid pandemic (March 2020) essentially  for enjoyment and love of music drafting in friends to share and help who have included: Ivan Cueto (bass), Jose A. Doval (keyboards), Charly Blanco (keyboards), Alba Barcia (Voice), Javier de Coupaud (bass), Julio Gilsanz (guitar), Lía Marcos (Voice), Carlos Borji (Cajon) , Jhonny Menendez (Keyboards), Gareth Hollis (Lyrics), Mikel Nyhus (Vocals), Henning Danpel (Keyboards), Pablo Canto (Drums), Damiano Della Torre (Keys), BassBarcelona  (Bass) and many others.

He is now ready to share some of his recordings with the world and has unleashed a batch of three dance oriented singles, "Supafly" released on 6 Apr and "The Cheater" and "Dance Into My Song" on 3 May 2022.

The best of the batch, for me, is "Superfly" (not the Curtis Mayfield song) led by Marcus Nyhus which reminds me of a big modern soul tune by 100% Pure Poison "You Keep Coming Back".

"The Cheater" is a cool jazz guitar instrumental (presumably played by Alex himself, whilst "Dance Into My Song", unsurprisingly, is a dance tune led by a female vocalist Alba Garcia/Lia Marcos.

The theme through "The Cheater" in particular is a George Bensonish jazz guitar from Alex Fanjul.

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Rating: 8.4
Explicit: N
Genre/Style: New Soul / Jazz
Format: Single
Media: Digital
Label: Self Released
Cat No: None
Date: 03/05/2022
Key/BPM: 5A/107 / 8B/120 / 12B/122
Price: £1


USMAN47 said...

From our Spanish friends who have some interesting releases "Superfly" is very good. The rest a little less unfortunately.


Alex Fanjul said...

Hi, Thanks for comment about my music, I'm really glad you liked one of my tracks.