Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Mississippi Humminboy [2021] - Crunch Time [Self Released] (Full Album)

Mississippi Humminboy released his second album on 7 May 2021, it contains a monster sixteen tracks. The previous album 'Southern Soul Food' (2019) and single 'What I Like' (2021) were posted in Jan here.

As you would expect, from his name, it's traditional southern soul but with a contemporary twist. The standout tracks for me, on first listen, include 'Rush', 'Enuff', 'Layaway' and 'Weekend - remix', but it's a consistent album throughout.

I couldn't find any information about Humminboy, so I have been in contact with him and he has given me the following information.

Mississippi Humminboy (aka Devolon Washington) was raised in California. He got the name from always 'humminboy' in class. Mississippi was added by Sir Charles Jones last year.

In his own words, he was a 'trouble youth/gang' and was 'dropped-off' by his mother when he was 17/18 years old. He moved to Mississippi and changed his life when he started singing in a mass choir. Two years later he was touring the country, singing and writing most of the songs. After six or seven years he formed his own choir Nu AlFa travelling near and far ministering the Gospel. In 2018 he shut down the choir for various reasons and to focus on new things. However, the choir got back together in May 2021.

Humminboy has written for many people in southern soul, gospel, R&B and jazz. Music is in his family bloodline, he is the nephew of blues harmonica player Johnny Dyer.

His first album 'Southern Soul Food', released in 2019, has done well with the hit single 'Pick 5', as he says, 'still getting major spend'. He states that it was the lead track on the album, 'Back On The Market', which is about his heart break over the divorce from his wife, that got him discovered.

The new album 'Crunch Time' is a mixture of different sounds and vibes for southern soul, on which he says he tried to bring a different feel to the game.

The album is available on all major platforms (links below)

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Rating: 8
Genre/Style: Southern Soul
Format: Album
Media: Digital
Label: Self Released
Cat No: None
Year: 07/05/2021
Value: £7.99


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Absolutely fantastic listening, and will push this album on shows.

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Thanks So much I'm super late but I'm super Greatful