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Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Mary Cross [2020/21] - Promise / In Love There's A Risk [Self Released]

A double helping of Mary Cross. I've already posted both these tracks but she has since released a new video for 'Promise'. It's a 'slow burner'. I wasn't sure about it when I first heard it as I was comparing it with her stunning debut 'In Love There's A Risk' and I still don't think it matches that standard, but it has grown on me and it's a bit unfair to compare as these are both standout tracks 'out of the blocks' as her first two releases.


It may be my ears(?) but I think the sound quality on this video is poor. Also, note that the first 1:40 is a clip from 'In Love There's A Risk' before 'Promise' starts.

In Love There's A Risk

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