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Sunday 12 February 2023

SOTAR - State Of The Art Radio

Another relatively new internet soul radio station State Of The Art Radio (SOTAR) (https://www.stateoftheartradio.co.uk/) was set up during Covid lockdown in 2020 by Michael Artwell aka Arty.

Arty has been a DJ on the south England club scene for thirty six years and is still going strong. The station was born out of his true love for feel good radio and music that evokes memories of the past and creates new ones of tomorrow.

When Arty was 20 years old he plugged a microphone into his stack system and played a load of soul tunes and recorded a show and pretended he was Robbie Vincent. For non UK residents or those not old enough to remember, Robbie was 'the man' in the 70s / 80s (and beyond as he still broadcasts on Jazz FM on Sundays) who had a national radio show and was one of very, very few programming soul music on the national airwaves. It was the 'go-to' and 'must listen' radio show, if you were into soul music back in the day.

As a young boy Arty loved listening to the radio, shows by Robbie Vincent,, Radio Luxembourg's Emperor Roscoe & Tony Prince, Greg Edwards' 'Soul Spectrum' on Capital Radio, along with BBC Radio 1's DLT (Dave Lee Travis), Noel Edmonds,, Simon Bates, Steve Wright and Tony Blackburn who were all legends to him.
As with the variety of DJs above, Arty wanted to create a radio station that appealed to all tastes, hoping listeners would like what they heard and also find other genres to their liking. and ensure that State of the Art Radio would then grow with its audience.

The station plays Soul, Reggae, R&B, Retro ‘70s and Dance shows. With Soul being his favourite music, Sundays are dedicated to that genre. Soul shows also pop up on other days, so just check the website:  .

Arty tells us: "We are really doing our own thing, there is a little bit for everybody here. We have a passionate team of presenters and listeners, all united by the love of music. So if your looking for a great station that plays serious music in lots of genres, 'call off the search', it’s all about State Of The Art Radio".

Our own Steve Aggasild now has two shows per week on SOTAR Sun & Wed 20:00-22:00 GMT.

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