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Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Whittington Still - Discography

I came across Whittington Still's latest single on Friday and was impressed by what I heard. I posted the new single on Friday with links to two of her previous releases and mentioned another to check out. 

I'm glad to see that she is now receiving airplay. Roger Williams played all five of her releases (so far) back-to-back on his SoulSorts show on Sunday (over 30 minutes of his show dedicated to her music) and, after hearing them, Steve Aggasild on Soul Groove Radio also played two on his SoulAndJazzFavas show on Monday evening, 'The Chase' and her new single.

For anyone who missed either of these shows (or doesn't want to listen to the whole podcast) I thought it opportune to post them all, as this lady's velvet vocals needs to be heard on a wider scale.  It has been likened to Phyllis Hyman, especially on 'Missing You'.

UPDATE: as of today (28 Apr 2021) ALL five single are now available directly from Whitting Still's website for ONLY $5 (£3.59)! (tell her SoulStrutter sent you!)


18/03/2019 - The Chase [2B/73
(Written specifically for Amazon Prime TV series 'Chase Street' S02)
19/03/2019 - You Better Know What To Do [3A/106]
05/05/2019 - Missing You [6A/85]
07/02/2020 - Don't Be Afraid [11B/84]
06/04/2021 - Why Are You Here [3A/65]

A curious note, all five are 6:17 long! It can't be a coincidence as her facebook handle is whittingtonstil617, and if you watch the video clip for her latest single, it has a caption 'Project 617' and also features a door with a number 617. I 'sleuthed' it and in Numerology 617 is the Angel number.

I have also discovered that she presents on London's LN Soul Radio's 'Girls On Top Show' and also has her own Jewellery line.

All her available music is posted below with links on images to purchase.

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