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Friday 30 April 2021

W3sst [2021] - Runnin' [3's Up Productions] (Full Album)

A new album from W3sst "Runnin'". The first few tracks are all killers, 'Manifested', 'Midnight' and 'Superman' if you like mellow slow jams. 'Room In Your Head' is another mellow side and 'Dance With You/Jam Session' is the only uptempo track on the album. These are my initial choices on first listen, but the whole album is very good indeed, highly recommended. 

He has a video for 'Superman' on his YT channel which was released as a single on 14 Feb 2021.

W3sst is from Texas (now living in Paris,TX) and was raised in a family of musicians and, like so many artist, started singing in church. He debuted in April 2020 with an album 'I'm Sorry I Don't Trust You...Extended' (mainly R&B/hip-hop) which was quickly followed up in May with 'Isolation' and another album with the same title as the first 'I'm Sorry I Don't Trust You' was released in Aug (all different tracks to first album). Since then he has released two singles 'Justice For Jonathan' in Oct 2020 and 'Superman' in Feb 2021.

On his SoundCloud page (below) it appears that he is also a member of a group named W3sst & The Bowleggs who appear to have released an album on 17 Apr 2020 which is in a similar vein to his latest album (only seems to be on SoundCloud though!). Many of the same tracks appeared on his Isolation album. Wasn't he a busy boy last year, with five album releases!

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Rating: 8.6
Genre/Style: Neo Soul
Format: Album
Media: Digital
Label: 3's Up Productions
Cat No: None
Year: 30/04/2021
Value: £9.90

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