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NS541 Jackie Wilson [1967] - I Don't Want To Lose You [Brunswick 55309]

b/w: Just Be Sincere
Format: 45
Label: Brunswick
Cat No: 55309
Year: 1967
Value: $100-$250 Bell Boys

Jackie Wilson in his Brunswick years (for me) could virtually do no wrong.  This is superb Chicago soul from the golden period kicking off with a mute horn (which then features throughout  the 2:20 minutes) and then in comes Jackie's so soulful and distinctive vocals.  Co written by Carl Sims and the orchestra led by Gerald Sims, this track was featured on 'Whispers (Gettin' Louder)' LP.  On the flip is 'Just Be Sincere'.  This is about the best double sider you could ever find.  neither fared particulary well on Billboard at the time and hence were picked up on in the North of England and became Northern Soul classics.

It was covered by the Bell Boys, who I would guess were latin going by their names.  Their version was popular on the scene probably because it was a speeded up version.  The slightly off-key vocals and brash horns and 'stripped down' version add to its attraction.

The Bell Boys in 1966 consisted of Sam Marcitulio (guitar), Pat Safara (guitar), Vic Rangle (bass),  Joe Merando (drums)). Lenny Rock (lead vocals) joined in 1967. In 1969 they added a brass section and Tony Castnza (saxophone), John Lambo (saxophone), Jim Jackson (trombone), Tom Hunt (trumpet) joined.

It seems that they only recorded 'I Don't Want To Lose You' but it was issued 3 times, all on Jamar (based in Akron Ohio) but initially as 101 with an instrumental version on flip, then on 101 with 'I Got A Feeling' on flip.  It finally came out on 31968729 with The Woman I Love on the flipside.

Just Be Sincere

Bell Boys

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Anonymous said...

The Bell Boys were actually from Western Pennsylvania, and the "Latin" names are actually Italian.