Saturday, 8 January 2011

NS525 Danny Monday [1966] - Baby, Without You [Modern 1033]

b/w: Good Taste Of Love
Format: 45
Label: Label
Cat No: Cat No
Year: 1966
Value: $2035

Pretty rare blue-eyed soul from Danny Monday and one of the rarest singles released on Modern.  Originals don't crop up very often and the price reflects this.  Beware of bootlegs issued in the mid 70s as white demos with black writing, the originals have red writing which is easily identifiably different from the bootleg.  I have included images of both.

It is believed that Danny Monday is white, however you can not tell from the soulful flip side, which I actually prefer and is perfect for today's scene but would have been far too slow in the heyday of Northern Soul.  Check out the youTube clip below.  The topside is a stomper.

Yet again, unfortunately, nothing known about the artist.

Good Taste Of Love

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Anonymous said...

Danny was white, I knew him and his wife as a kid in L.A. He had a band then "Danny Monday and the 2nd Revolution" I saw him open for Wilson Pickett. They were too good and Mr. Pickett did not like it!