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Friday 29 October 2021

Siloam Pool [2021] - Simple Complexity [Self Released]

A debut album from Siloam Pool from Detroit, MI, titled "Simple Complexity" was released today (29 Oct 2021). Siloam is Tammy Louise Jackson who is credited on all songs along with other co-writers, however, Siloam Pool (or SiloamPool) is actually the name of the group. Tammy now officially goes by the name Siloam. 

So how did the name come about? Siloam (pronounced “Sil-ōm”) means “sending forth or sent”, John 9:7.  The “Pool” a collective of creators and listeners sharing a compelling synergy.

She released singles included on the album "Til The Day" (2017) and "7 Days" (2019) featuring jazz saxophonist Dave McMurray and EP "Colors of Black & White" in 2001 (still listed on US Amazon) and a live video performance of it below. 

It would seem that she is going with "Let It Go" as the lead single as she has sent that track to radio stations for promotion, but other standouts include "My New Friend", "Warrior", "Circle Of Life" on first listen but you can tell it's a quality and well produced album throughout.

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Rating: 8.4
Explicit: N
Genre/Style: Soul Jazz
Format: Album
Media: Digital
Label: Self Released
Cat No: None
Date: 29/10/2021
Value: £7.99

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