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NS535 Dalton Boys [1965] - I've Been Cheated [V.I.P. 25025]

b/w: Take My Hand / Something's Bothering You
Format: 45
Label: V.I.P. / OOTP
Cat No: 25025 / 039
Year: 1965
Value: £0

Originally released on Motown's V.I.P. imprint and became a huge sound (at The Torch I believe) resulting in bootlegging on OOTP (Out Of The Past) in the early/mid 70's for the UK Northern Soul scene.  OOTP issued quite a number of bootleg pressings to cash in on demand.

Intrigued as to who The Dalton Boys were I did some digging around Soulful Detroit archives and discovered the following.

Bob Babbitt (one of The Funk Brothers) was a member of The Dalton Boys at Motown but NOT the same group that recorded these tracks as they did no recording.  The members were Bob Babbitt, Marcus Terry, Dave Sandy and Vern Parker.  Marcus Terry left and was replaced by a singing drummer called George (surname unknown).  Later Bob Babbit left the group.

The Dalton Boys who recorded on V.I.P. started as a whitefolk group. They were brothers Dan, Jack and Wally Dalton.  Their father owned a funeral home in Dearborn, Warren & Schaefer.

The brothers appeared on ABC TV's Hootenany, Mike Douglas, etc. They worked the folk circuit in NYC, San Fran, LA and Cleveland where they operated their own club for a while. Dan Dalton joined a group called The Back Porch Majority, sort of a New Christy Minstrals reserve team. Jack and Wally brought their folk act back to Detroit and played all over the area as well as Windsor, where they resided. After the folk/comedy faze died out, Jack and a buddy named Gary Montgomery formed a rock version of The Dalton Boys and recorded 'I've Been Cheated' which received heavy rotation on most of the Detroit stations, and as such, was a minor local hit. They were the first white group signed by Motown.

Jack Dalton and Gary Montgomery moved to CA and created a new group called Colours which was signed and received substantial acclaim, but after two albums they disbanded. Interestingly enough, their drummer's  name was Jimmy Keltner and the bass player was Carl Radle - both of whom went on to much bigger things. Keltner played with George Harrison, Eric Clapton among others.

Jack Dalton moved back to Detroit area and did solo gigs for a number of years, as well as recording 'Lots'. He also was featured in The Red Garter Band all over town. He's still in the business and as I understand it, is still recording.

Wally Dalton moved to LA and worked as a writer for Barner Miller, Mork & Mindy, It's a Living and was head writer for Laverne & Shirley. He's now living in Seattle where he still writes and acts in a variety of TV and MOW episodes.

Take My Hand

Something’s Bothering You

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