Saturday, 8 January 2011

NS522 Steve Flanagan [1967] - I've Arrived [Era 3154]

b/w: I Need To Be Loved So Bad (Official A Side)
Format: 45
Label: Era
Cat No:3186 / 3154
Year:1967 / 1965
Value: $400-$500

I've arrived was also issued a a flip side to Era 3154 - You Don't Need A Crown by Jewel Akens which I have seen for sale for £80.

This is a 'strange' record.  It obviously has the 'right beat', however to my ears this sounds like 'Rawhide' and is a cross between a rock and country & western tune and also sounds like a show tune from the very early 60s.  This pre-65 sound is what seems be termed 'Popcorn' these days.  As you can probably detect not really my kinda soul.

It was first issued in 1965 as a B side for Jewel Akens and Flanagan released it in 1967, again as a B side.   

I'd stick my neck out and guess that this is a white country & western artist.

I've never heard this played out, but apparently it was a Stafford sound in 90s.  It sounds like it 'could' be a Ked Darge discovery as Keb loves this early 60s stuff.  Incidentally I  first met Keb when he was a 'slip of a lad' at 18 in Aberdeen when we used to frequent the Center City Soul Club in 1976 with regular excursions to Dundee, Edinburgh and Wigan.

Era was also the label for Billy Watkins 'The Ice Man'.  The label ran from 1955 until 1970.  It was Steve Flanagan's only release on the label as with Billy Watkins.  Jewel Akens, however, had 9 releases between 1964 and 1969.

Jewel Akens [1966] - My First Lonely Night [Era 3164]
Unfortunately I can't find a clip of  Aken's version of 'I've Arrived' so have selected this instead.

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