Friday, 17 December 2010

NS560 Major Lance [1966] - Investigate [Okeh 4-7250]

b/w: Little Young Lover
Format: 45
Label: Okeh
Cat No: 4-7250
Year: 1966
Value: £40-£60 US Okeh / £100-£215 UK Columbia Demo

The first track from an absolute legend on the Northern Soul scene who cut so many sides in Chicago in the mid 60s - 18 of these on the also now legendary Okeh label between 1962 and 1968.  Put the two together and you get this classic flipped with another corker 'Little Young Lover'.

After Okeh the Major went on to record with Dakar 1969 (3), Curtom 1970-71 (2), Volt 1971-72 (3), Playboy 1974-75 (2), Osiris 1975 (2), Columbia 1977 (1) and Soul 1978 (1).  He was arrested for cocaine possession in 1978 and served a 3 year prison sentence.  He cut only a further 3 45s in 1982 on Kat Family.

Prior to going solo, Major recorded with The Floats (which included Otis Leavill) and The Ideals between 1958 and 1961.  Whilst his mid 60s output is popular I personally prefer some of his early 70s recordings especially on Volt.  Not included in discography, possibly because it was a UK only issue, is a great remake of 'Without A Doubt' on UK Warner Brothers.

Sadly Major Lance died in his sleep at home in his early 50s in 1994 almost blind from Glaucoma and having suffered a heart attack in 1987.


Little Young Lover

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