Saturday, 18 December 2010

NS553 Jay D Martin [196?] - By Yourself [Tower 403]

b/w: Hold On To Your Heart
Format: 45
Label: Tower
Cat No: 403
Year: 196?
Value: $191

Very little known about Jay. D Martin.  I believe that this is a white demo only as I've never seen an issue.  It sells for between $100-$200 (£45-£85) so it's not 'that' rare.  It was reissued (legitimately or otherwise) to satisfy demand in the mid 70s when this record was huge all over the UK.

It sounds distinctly blue-eyed (almost country) to these ears but was a very popular stomper in its day.  I wonder if this is the same artist? JD Martin

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Brian Ellis said...

Wonderful song...not sure about the Country but know what you mean about the Blue-Eyed bit. Still gets me 35 years on from my short but fun nights at the end of the Pier (George Orwell)
. I had an 'original' copy! Still made £25 in 79 so who was the mug?!! KTF.