Saturday, 18 December 2010

NS555 Lynn Varnado [1973] - Wash & Wear Love [Gatur 1202 B]

b/w: Tell Me What's Worng With The Men (official A side)
Format: 45
Label: Label
Cat No: Cat No
Year: 1966
Value: £2,000 Original
£25 Reissue

First heard this at St. Ives in 1976 played by Tony Dellar and have loved it ever since.  It has just got so much 'crossover' appeal.  Northern, Modern, crossover, southern soul.  It's a classic to my ears and still sounds as fresh today as when I first heard it and bought it nearly 35 years ago!
Lynn Vernado's real name is Allean Vernado.

This was taken from 'Wanted Records' in Aug 2010 where a copy sold for approx. $2,500:

Wash And Wear Love by Lynn Varnado. Mega Rare Northern Soul 45 on Gator #1202. A Miles Grayson production. Not only one of the rarest Los Angeles records but one of the rarest Northern Soul records out there. According to Miles Grayson he said that he handed out a few copies and ended up throwing the rest in the garbage. Even the ones he handed out he remembers some kids tossing them like frisbees. In other words, good luck finding an original copy of this LA rarity.

Second Hand Love

Stunning previously unreleased dancer produced by Clay McMurray. Written by Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson.

Staying Home Like A Woman

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