Friday, 10 December 2010

NS581 Donna King [1972] - Take Me Home [Hot-Line 906]

b/w Bless His Heart
Format:  45
Label:    Hot-Line
CatNo:  906
Year:    1972?
Value:   £1,000

Out of New Orleans this ever favourite was written by Guitar Ray and arranged by Wardell Quezerque.  The original of this record is very elusive.  One sold for $665 back in June 2004 and another sold by Pat Brady for £1,000 in Oct 2010.  It was bootlegged in the 70s due to demand.  I managed to pick this info up on original for anyone interested:
The bootleg is styrene whilst the original is vinyl.  The original copies have hot-line in green at the top of the label. To the right, half way down, is a bold 906 under that in small print is 174-1765. To the left of the label half way down in small print is Bonatempt pub. and under that is in small print BMI-2.39 under that is Arr;W.Quezerque.At the bottom of the label is Take Me Home in bold green print under that in brackets and small print is R.Washington then at the very bottom of the label is Donna King in bold green print. On the run out is in large writting 174-1765 and the nashville matrix.

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