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NS551 Charles Johnson [1980] - Never Had A Love So Good [Alston ALSX 3751]

b/w: Baby I Cried, Cried, Cried (official A side)
Format: 45
Label: Alston
Cat No: ALSX 3751-B / Reissue 3743
Year: 1980
Value: $450-$600

Our first foray into some modern soul, leaping from the mid 60s to 1980 for this track by Charles Johnson on Alston.  This is a trmendous piece of soul music with a great deep soul flip (which is the official A side).
Both tracks were written and produced by Horace Straws and Nathaniel Dean who turn up on a number of other interesting records e.g. Snoopy Dean - Lady, Lady, Lady; David Hudson / Paulette Reeves - Let Me Wrap You In My Love.

Other tracks include:

Charles Johnson [1975] - I Betcha Don't Know / Instr. [Mighty Mo 902]
Is a very rare sweet soul ballad produced by J.R. bailey and Ken Williams which much rarer than the Alston 45.

Charles Johnson [1980] - Baby I Cried, Cried, Cried [Alston ALSX 3751-A]
Charles Johnson [1980] - Good Good Lovin' [Dash 5065]

I can't find any further information on Charles Johnson.  The only 3 records I've managed to find all come from the Miami area on TK based labels between 1975 and 1980.  There is a Charles Johnson & The Revivers gospel group.  I'm not sure if it's the same Charles Johnson who has turned to gospel or maybe always was a gospel singer who recorded a couple on secular tracks?

Charles Johnson [1980] - I Cried, Cried, Cried [Alston 3743]

Charles Johnson [1980] - Good Good Lovin' [Dash 5065]

NS552 The Construction [1978] - Hey Little Way Out Girl [UK Grapevine GRP 112]

b/w: My Heart Would Sing (official A side)
Format: 45
Label: SYNC6 / Grapevine
Cat No: S-924-B / GRP 112
Year: 196? / 1978
Value: $760

Confused? Let me explain. Released in the UK in 1978 on Grapevine as Del Capris owing to huge demand.  This was in fact a Richard Searling (Wigan Casino) cover up of The Construction (a white band) on the tiny New York label Sync6.  This record is extremely rare.  I have only seen 4 come up for sale in the last 6 years.  The Del Capris had already had a Northern’hit’with ‘Hey Little Girl” on Ronjerdon and then Kama Sutra, hence the cover up name was born.

Theres a great article on Grapevine done by Pete Smith over at Planet Records

NS553 Jay D Martin [196?] - By Yourself [Tower 403]

b/w: Hold On To Your Heart
Format: 45
Label: Tower
Cat No: 403
Year: 196?
Value: $191

Very little known about Jay. D Martin.  I believe that this is a white demo only as I've never seen an issue.  It sells for between $100-$200 (£45-£85) so it's not 'that' rare.  It was reissued (legitimately or otherwise) to satisfy demand in the mid 70s when this record was huge all over the UK.

It sounds distinctly blue-eyed (almost country) to these ears but was a very popular stomper in its day.  I wonder if this is the same artist? JD Martin

NS554 The Magnificents [1965] - My Heart Is Calling [Dee Gee 3008 A]

b/w: On Main Street
Format: 45
Label: Dee Gee
Cat No: 3008 A
Year: 1965
Value: £?

In 1965, Thurman 'Ray' Ramsey put together a Magnificents group that included Richard Dixon and Clarence Jasper (both formerly of the Dukays), and James Pleasant. They did appearances (including some TV shows), and recorded a couple of sides for the Detriot-based Dee Gee label.
A full biography for The Magnificents by Marv Goldberg here.

It would appear that The Four Tops recorded but never released the song.  It is now available on Fourever Box Set

Levi Stubbs / Four Tops [] - My Heart Is Calling [Unreleased]

NS555 Lynn Varnado [1973] - Wash & Wear Love [Gatur 1202 B]

b/w: Tell Me What's Worng With The Men (official A side)
Format: 45
Label: Label
Cat No: Cat No
Year: 1966
Value: £2,000 Original
£25 Reissue

First heard this at St. Ives in 1976 played by Tony Dellar and have loved it ever since.  It has just got so much 'crossover' appeal.  Northern, Modern, crossover, southern soul.  It's a classic to my ears and still sounds as fresh today as when I first heard it and bought it nearly 35 years ago!
Lynn Vernado's real name is Allean Vernado.

This was taken from 'Wanted Records' in Aug 2010 where a copy sold for approx. $2,500:

Wash And Wear Love by Lynn Varnado. Mega Rare Northern Soul 45 on Gator #1202. A Miles Grayson production. Not only one of the rarest Los Angeles records but one of the rarest Northern Soul records out there. According to Miles Grayson he said that he handed out a few copies and ended up throwing the rest in the garbage. Even the ones he handed out he remembers some kids tossing them like frisbees. In other words, good luck finding an original copy of this LA rarity.

Second Hand Love

Stunning previously unreleased dancer produced by Clay McMurray. Written by Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson.

Staying Home Like A Woman

NS556 Yvonne Vernee [1964] - Just Like You Did Me [SonBert 5842]

b/w: I'm In Love
Format: 45
Label: SonBert
Cat No: 5842
Year: 1966
Value: $3,200

Written by none other than Tony Clark(e) well know on the scene for the classics 'The Entertainer,' 'Landslide', 'They Call Me The Wrong Man' amongst others.  This is great early Detroit from Yvonne Vernee who would later take over from Saundra Edwards as lead singer with The Elgins in 1968.

Some background from Ian Levine:
Yvonne Vernee Allen was the second lead singer of The Elgins, after Saundra Edwards left in 1968, and she has remained with the group for thirty nine years, right up to the present day. But before joining the Elgins, she recorded this song, "Just Like You Did Me", for tiny local Detroit label, Sonbert Records, and we re-recorded it with her many years later, for "The Strange World Of Northern Soul". When I managed to track down the Elgins to record for Motorcity, and get them to reunite again after so many years, the project I most wanted to do was to get them to re-record "Heaven Must Have Sent You", but in the style of Bonnie Pointer's wonderful disco classic of 1979. So that was the first project we did together. I always loved The Elgins. Along with The Velvelettes they were one of my favourite Motown groups. They were originally The Downbeats in 1962, with the three guys, Johnny Dawson, Norman McLean, and Duke Miller. They added a girl lead singer in 1965, Saundra Edwards, and recorded such classics as "Heaven Must Have Sent You" and "Put Yourself In My Place". In 1968 Saundra left and Yvonne Allen joined Motown and took over as lead singer. She recorded tons of stuff at Motown but they never released any more Elgins records. In 1972, "Heaven Must Have Sent You" was reissued in England and became a huge hit, and the group appeared at The Torch allnighter in Stoke On Trent, where I was DJing. I met all four of them, Yvonne, Johnny, Norman, and Duke. So then, seventeen years later, in 1989, I persuaded them to reform for my Motorcity project. Duke had died, so Johnny brought in Jimmy Charles, and together with Norman and Yvonne, The Elgins had a whole new lease of life. And now, in 2007, they're about to return to England for the first time in sixteen years, to appear at a big Northern Soul Weekender in Northampton. And long may they continue, always smart, sharp, and timeless.
~ Ian Levine

Levine Re-recording


Special Treat ... LIVE! ... A Great performance on the English Riviera

Yvonne Vernee [] - It's Been A Long Time [SonBert SB 3475]

Yvonne Vernee [] - Your Touch [SonBert SB 3475]

Yvonne Vernee (The Elgins) [1968] - My Love For Your Love [Unreleased Motown]

NS557 Mickey Moonshine [1974] - Name It You Got It [UK Decca F 13555]

b/w: Baby Blue
Format: 45
Label: Decca
Cat No: F 13555
Year: 1974
Value: £10 (2nd Issue) £20 (1st Issue)

Now this artist is bit of a mystery.  Claims are that it could be Alvin Stardust, Paul Nicholas (Just Good Friends actor), Chris Rainbow, Paul Curtis (claimed by Black Echoes magazine), Mickey Most etc. etc.
However after some research I have discovered that it may if fact be Ben Cross who appeared as Harold Abrahams in the 1981 film Chariots Of Fire along with Nigel Havers.  Check the 'Other Professions' section at Wikipedia although it is not clear whether he wrote the song or sang it but I would guess both as the writer credits are Moonshine!  Cross is on the left behind Nigel Havers in the photo below.

Now that the mystery is solved it doesn't really detract from the fact that this is obviously white, British pop music.  To be fair you could say blue-eyed pop soul, but regardless of that it has very little to do with real soul music and is akin to the early 70s pop/soul put out by The Pearls and Polly Brown et al.  However it did shake the dance floors for a while at the time but it would take a brave DJ to play this out now! Enough said.

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NS558 The Gypsies [1965] - It's A Womans World [Old Town OT 1184]

b/w: They're Having A Party
Format: 45
Label: Old Town
Cat No: OT 1184
Year: 1966
Value: £0

The Gypsies / Flirtations on Wiki

Lestine Johnson, Betty Pearce, Ernestine Pearce and Shirley Pearce
Lestine Johnson replaced by Viola Billups (Pearly Gates) in 1965
Betty Pearce left in 1968 leaving a trio
Loretta Noble replaced Viola Billups in 1972. Viola Billups embarked on a solo career as Vie and as Pearly Gates
In 1989 Viola Billups returns.


The Gypsies
1964 Hey There / Blue Bird - Old Town 1168
1965 Jerk It / Diamonds, Rubies, Gold And Fame - Old Town 1180
1965 It's A Woman's World (You Better Believe It) / They're Having A Party - Old Town 1184
1966 Oh I Wonder Why / Diamonds, Rubies, Gold And Fame - Old Town 1193
1966 Look For The One Who Loves You / Oh Girl - Caprice 8442

The Flirtations
1966 Change My Darkness Into Light / Natural Born Lover - Josie 956
1967 Stronger Than Her Love / Settle Down - Festival 705
1968 How Can You Tell Me/ Someone Out There - Parrott 40028
1968 Nothing But A Heartache / Christmas Time Is Here Again - Deram 85036
1968 Nothing But A Heartache / How Can You Tell Me - Deram 85038
1969 Need Your Loving / South Carolina - Deram 85048
1969 Keep On Searchin' / I Wanna Be There - Deram 85057
1969 Can't Stop Lovin' You/ Everybody Needs Somebody - Deram 85062
1970 Give Me Love, Love, Love / This Must Be The End Of The Line - Deram 7531
1971 Take Me In Your Arms And Love Me / Little Darling (I Need You) - Polydor 2058 167
1972 Hold On To Me Baby / Love A Little Longer - Polydor 15047

197? Why Didn't I Think of That - Mojo
197? Dirty Work - RCA
197? Mr. Universe - RCA
197? One Night of Love - RCA
1977 Earthquake
1977 Earthquake D&D 5501
1986 Read All About It - D&D 1267
1986 Get Up (Come On Over) - Fantasia
FTA X 109
1989 Back On My Feet Again - Megatone Mt-169
2009 Roulette - Night Dance

Jerk It

Diamonds, Rubies, Gold And Fame

NS559 Moses Dillard & The Dynamic Showmen [1964] - I'll Pay The Price [Mark V MV-20-66]

559 Moses Dillard & The Dynamic Showmen [1964] - I'll Pay The Price [Mark V MV-20-66]

b/w: They Don't Want Us Together (official A side)
Format: 45
Label: Mark V
Cat No: MV-20-66
Year: 1964
Value: £0

Now this has certainly turned up a few surprises.  I knew that Moses Dillard, Moses & Joshua Dillard (Joshua (Dillard) being a psedonym for James Moore) (My Elusive Dreams & Get Out Of My Heart - Mala 1967) and The Sons Of Moses (Soul Symphony - Coral 1968 which will be featured at 357) all had tunes played on the scene but not until I found their full discography over at soulfulkindamusic did I realise that they were involved with The Saturday Night Band who had a huge disco hit in 1978 with Come On And Dance.  Nor that Peabo Bryson was a member of Moses Dillard & The Tex-Town Display in 1971.

The outing here is his very first secular release (he recorded with The Golden Wings a gospel quartet prior to this)  on the flip of 'They Don't Want Is Together' on Mark V out of Carolina.  'They Don't Want Is Together' would also feature as the flip to Get Out Of My Heart on Mala in 1967.   The track was first played by Russ Winstanly at Wigan Casino in Sep 1979 covered up as Eddie Jefferson - 'I Won't Think Twice'. For those new to the scene the policy of 'covering up' a record was to protect its identity so that DJs could retain exclusivity of a track for as long as possible before dealers and other DJs could discover its true identity.  This practice was quite controversial because some claim that it was protecting DJs egos rather than promoting artists and the music, however, given that the records were already oldies it didn't really damage sales and was argued that it drew crowds to see DJs who had 'the sounds' ... even way back in the mid 70s Northern Soul pioneered the way for today's DJs!

Moses Dillard was apparently discovered by Otis Redding who liked his guitar playing style, and consequentally he played guitar on Fame recordings (such as Sweet Soul Music by Arthur Conley, and the rest of Conley's early Fame recordings such as Let's Go Steady and Whole Lotta Woman). He later moved to Papa Don Schroeder Productions (staying in Muscle Shoals), becoming Papa Don's vice president, and playing on records by James & Bobby Purify and Mighty Sam among others, released on Bell and Mala.

He also cut a nice crossover track in 1972 with Martha Starr (another legend on the scene) entitled Cheating, Teasing and Misleading on Shout 248 ... see below.

Moses Dillard [1964] - Pretty As A Picture MV-40-26]

Moses & Joshua Dillard [1967] - My Elusive Dreams [Mala 578]

Moses & Joshua Dillard [1967] - What's Better Than Love [Mala 578]

Moses & Joshua Dillard [1967] - Get Out Of My Heart [Mala 598]
This is superb ... one of my all time favs from The Twisted Wheel (Manchester) era.

Mose Dillard & The Tex-Town Display [1969] - Bring Your Dreams To Me 
- the killer track from the LP Now featuring a young (and soulful) Peabo Bryson on vocals!

Moses Dillard & Martha Starr [1972] - Cheating, Teasing & Misleading [Shout 248]

NS560 Major Lance [1966] - Investigate [Okeh 4-7250]

b/w: Little Young Lover
Format: 45
Label: Okeh
Cat No: 4-7250
Year: 1966
Value: £40-£60 US Okeh / £100-£215 UK Columbia Demo

The first track from an absolute legend on the Northern Soul scene who cut so many sides in Chicago in the mid 60s - 18 of these on the also now legendary Okeh label between 1962 and 1968.  Put the two together and you get this classic flipped with another corker 'Little Young Lover'.

After Okeh the Major went on to record with Dakar 1969 (3), Curtom 1970-71 (2), Volt 1971-72 (3), Playboy 1974-75 (2), Osiris 1975 (2), Columbia 1977 (1) and Soul 1978 (1).  He was arrested for cocaine possession in 1978 and served a 3 year prison sentence.  He cut only a further 3 45s in 1982 on Kat Family.

Prior to going solo, Major recorded with The Floats (which included Otis Leavill) and The Ideals between 1958 and 1961.  Whilst his mid 60s output is popular I personally prefer some of his early 70s recordings especially on Volt.  Not included in discography, possibly because it was a UK only issue, is a great remake of 'Without A Doubt' on UK Warner Brothers.

Sadly Major Lance died in his sleep at home in his early 50s in 1994 almost blind from Glaucoma and having suffered a heart attack in 1987.


Little Young Lover

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NS561 Florence DeVore [1965] - Kiss Me Now (Don't Kiss Me Later) [Phi-Dan 5000]

b/w: We're Not Old Enough
Format: 45
Label: Phi-Dan
cat No: 5000
Year: 1966
Value: £75 for Issue

The song was wriiten and produced by Bobby Susser.  After producing four singles in 1961 and 1962 with his childhood friend Paul Simon, for the group Tico and The Triumphs, which included Susser's first Billboard Hot 100 chart record "Motorcycle," on Amy Records, he concentrated on writing and producing rhythm and blues songs. In 1963, he wrote, produced, and sold the master recording of the song "Kiss Me Now" to Phil Spector. Though the song was not a big hit, it was the first release on Spector's new Philles Records subsidiary label, Phi-Dan Records, and received a good deal of interest within the music industry.
From 1965 through 1973 he wrote and produced songs for Florence DeVore, Sharon Redd, Lily Fields, Mamie Lee, Morgana King, Robert John, and Trini Lopez. 

Phi-Dan release only 10 45s all in 1965.  Other notable acts on Phi-Dan were The Lovelites, The Ikettes and Al DeLory (known on the scene for the instrumental 'Right On').

Other 45s tracked down by Florence DeVore include: (The Yew releases were also written and produced by Bobby Susser):

Florence DeVore [1966] - The Guy Next Door / ?
Florence DeVore [1972] - He Doesn't Love You / He's Got The Money Bags [Yew 1009] $40
Florence DeVore [1972] - It take A Lot To Love You / Look Out [Yew 1011]

As a bonus I've included a few tracks by Lily Fields.
Lily Fields - Changes (Unreleased GWP)

Lily Fields [1976] - Love Has So Many Meanings [Sunburst SU 536]

Lily Fields [1973] - Pleasure Me [Spectrum SP-139-A]

NS562 Benzine [1965] - Village Of Tears [Parkway P-996-B]

b/w: What The Heck's The Hanky Panky (official A side)
Format: 45
Label: Parkway
Cat No: P-996-B
Year: 1967
Value: $132

Another group that is elusive.  This is their only outing on Parkway and I can't find anything else by them or any further information apart from that they recorded this in 1965 as the flip to 'What The Heck's The Hanky Panky' Parkway P-996-B.  They definately sound like a white pop band to me so perhaps someone in the Philly are may have heard of them?
I'm not sure when this was first played but it was spun at Wigan Casino around 1977/78 but could have been an oldie already by then?   It's an atmospheric, a little off-key early / mid 60s almost garage type sound.  It was pressed (bootlegged) to supply demand and you should be able to pick up the 'reissue' for no more than £10.

NS563 Norma Jenkins & The Dolls [1966] - The Airplane Song [Malteste MLT 107]

b/w: A Lover's Stand (official A side)
Format: 45
Label: Maltese
Cat No: MLT 107
Year: 1966
Value: $835
Originals are styrene not vinly and marked in dead wax with: ZTSC121035.   Bootlegs look pink not red.

Norma Jenkins had two releases in 1966 on Maltese with The Dolls 'This Is Our Day' / 'What's Next' MLT 100 followed up with 'A Lover's Stand' / 'The Airplane Song' MLT 107.  

Maltese was owned by Bud Grandhoff and was based in New Jersey. Norma Jenkins was used to demo many of the Kerr-Barnes NY songs including the Motown version of 'Try Love (One More Time)', (recorded by The Sparkels on Old Town) which is unreleased. George Kerr co-wrote Edwin Starr's 'I Have Faith In You' but put his wife's name on the credit due to some contractual situation (note the publishing company is Maltese Music).  He wrote 'The Airplane Song' as a direct result of a bad flight.  According to soulfulkindamusic discography, The Airplane Song was also released on MLT 108 by The Young Men perhaps this was a demo version or a later withdrawn version ?  'This Is Our Day' by The Dolls was co-written by Alice Ossman. 

She went on to record a 45 for Carnival followed by a release with Troy Keyes on ABC in 1967.  In 1973 she had 3 45s released on Jean, Kerr (another George Kerr label) and Alithia and released a duet with J. Ray on Alithia.  She joined Desert Moon in 1976 and cut 2 45s and an album 'Patience Is A Virtue'.  The first release on Desert Moon is her only showing in the U.S. R&B charts peaking at 92 in Feb 1976 with Gimme Some (Of Your Love) / It's All Over Now. The second Desert Moon 45 6401 was a cover version of 'Love Jones' with 'Can You Imagine That' on flip which got plays at Blackpool Mecca as a new release.  My favourite cuts from the album include 'It's All Over Now' and 'I Did It For Real' included as You Tube clips below.

Norma Jenkins [1967] - Me Myself And I [Carnival CAR 528]

Norma Jenkins & Troy Keyes [1967] - A Good Love Gone Bad [ABC 11116]

Norma Jenkins [196?] - Try love (One More Time) [Unreleased Motown]

Norma Jenkins [1973] - Puzzle Man (Figure It Out If You Can) [Jean JR 730 A]

Norma Jenkins [1976] - It's All Over Now [Desert Moon DMS 6400 B]

Norma Jenkins [1976] - I Did It For Real [Desert Moon LP]

Norma Jenkins [1976] - Can You Imagine That [Desert Moon DMS 6401 B]

NS564 Bud Harper [1964] - Wherever You Were [Peacock 1932]

b/w:         Let It Rain
Format:  45
Label:     Peacock
Cat No:  1932
Year:      1964
Value:    $192

The first of two 45s from Bud Harper issued on the Peacock label between 1964 and 1965 that were played on the scene. 'Wherever You Are' is a perennial favourite which still gets plays out to this day especially with the emergence of more R&B flavoured sounds hitting the turntables in recent years.  

There is a fabulous article on Peacock records by Dave Rimmer which includes a discography over at soulfulkindamusic Peacock

The later release 'Mr. Soul' is in the same R&B vein.  It gained a UK release in 1965 on Vocalion VP 9252 b/w 'Let Me Love You'.

Bud had another release 'This Woman I Love' b/w 'Down The Aisle' on Texas label Sarg 196 Texas Soul Recordings
It sounds a lot earlier than his Peacock outings.

Bud Harper [1964] - Let It Rain [Peacock 1932]

Bud Harper [1965] - Mr. Soul [Peacock 1939]

Bud Harper [1965] - Let Me Love You [Peacock 1939]

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NS565 Little Eddie Taylor [1967] - I Had A Good Time [Peacock 1949]

b/w:      Forgive One Mistake (official A side)
Label:     Peacock
Cat No:  1949
Year:      1967
Value:     £600

The rarest release on Peacock on the flip side of deep soul gem 'Forgive One Mistake'.  This is a fairly ordinary mid 60s track that just happens to have the right beat for the Northern scene.  It's not one that would set the world on fire to these ears!

There's a nice article about him over at Sir Shambling's Deep Soul Heaven. According to the article Swammp Dog (Jerry Williams) claims Littel Eddie is Johnnie Taylor's brother but Johnnie wouldn't acknowledge him! You can also hear the A side 'Forgive One Mistake' and his only other known release from around 1963 'Just The Way You Are' which is a bluesy doo wop outing on Tropical 101 b/w 'The State Song'.

NS566 Margaret Mandolph [1965] - Something Beautiful [Planetary P-106]

b/w:        I Wanna Make You Happy (official A side)
Label:    Planetary
Cat No:  P-106
Year:      1965
Value:    $650

Planetary was a Los Angeles based label and Something Beautiful is the flip side of the the second of 2 45's issued by thirteen year old Margaret Mandolph on the Planetary label. Released in May of 1965 the A side of this dreamy piece of soulful, girl group pop would be in a chart war with a version by Jackie and Gayle on the Mainstream label. While neither charted, they have both grown in stature and are both highly sought after by Girl group music collectors. Dusty Springfield even recorded a version that was included on her 1965 LP entitled, 'OOOWEEE!'). The Margaret Mandolph version is by far the winner of the three. Produced and arranged by the talented David Gates, it has been written that if there is a record being played in heaven then this one is it.

It was the B side 'Something Beautiful' that interested Northern punters getting airplay in the mid 70s (circa 76) at the Winter Gardens in Cleethorpes and then went national being played at all the top venues.  It was covered by UK actress Adrienne Posta (appeared in To Sir With Love with Lulu) on Decca in 1966 and released on CD.  To supply demand it was bootlegged in the mid 70s as a White Demo.

Margaret later toured Europe in "Hair",  joined a jazz outfit called Love Joy and was quite well-known in the Oakland CA area, where she sang in musical plays written by her brother Bobby Mandolph who recorded for Vault in the early 60's and was a member of the group 
Purple Olive.

Robert Mandolph Sr., played the keyboards for Sam Cooke, Bobby Womack, Lou Rawls and many others as a studio musician.

Margaret met David Gates (Bread) in 1963 and later cut the 2 Planetary singles produced by him. She also recorded a demo of Popsicles And Icicles which the record company released by The Murmaids.
Mandolphs History here

Margaret Mandolph [1965] - Something Beautiful [Planetary P-106]

Adrienne Posta [1966] - Something Beautiful [UK Decca F 12329]

Margaret Mandolph [1965] - I Wanna Make You Happy [Planetary P-106]

Margaret Mandolph [1964] - If You Ever Need Me [Planetary P-102]

Margaret Mandolph [1964] - Silly Little Girl [Planetary P-102]

The Murmaids [1963] - Popsicles And Icicles

NS567 The Parliaments [1965] - Heart Trouble [Golden World GW-46]

b/w:        That Was My Girl (official A side)
Label:     Golden World
Cat No:  GW-46
Year:      1965
Value:     ?

George Clinton's Parliaments post doo-wop and pre funk era.  This is classic mid 60s Detroit from the Golden_World stables.

"Heart Trouble" was the third official release by the Detroit soul group The Parliaments. The single was released in 1965 by Golden World Records (GW-46). "Heart Trouble" was the only single that the Parliaments recorded for the label.

In 1965, the Parliaments' line up consisted of George Clinton, Grady Thomas, Ray Davis, Fuzzy Haskins, and Calvin Simon, a line-up that would remain intact until 1977.

"Heart Trouble" was later re-worked in 1973 under the title "You Can't Miss What You Can't Measure", featured on the Funkadelic album Cosmic Slop. Another version of the track was recorded approximately three years earlier, yet did not surface until the 2008 release of the CD "Toys". The b-side, "That Was My Girl" was remade in 1972 and was featured on America Eats Its Young.

~ Wikipedia

You Can't Miss What You Can't Measure:

NS569 Vala Regan & The Valarons [1966] - Fireman [Atco 45-6412]

b/w         Living In The Past
Format  45
Label     Atco / UK Atlantic
Cat No  45-6412 / 584009
Year       1966
Value     £150

This appears to be the only known 45 by Vala Reegan & The Valarons and their identity is a mystery.  This is a spectoresque outing from 1966.  

John Manship describes it as follows in his Dec 2010 Rare Soul Auctions page:
'Breathtaking! A near perfect example of Red Atlantic’s most-valued 45 and this one is a DEMO! Two awesome Bob Crewe projects delivered by the the mysterious Vala Reegan and her team, make this head-turning offering so very much more than just a vision of beauty. This is the very pinnacle of collecting rare BRITISH vinyl!'
The comment relates to 'collectability'.  This is not 'my cup of tea' and smacks of  mid 60s blue-eyed pop music.  A US Atco copy was listed for £150 and an Atco demo offered for sale at £180.

A recent auction of a red Atlantic UK copy made £822 and a current acution on eBay with 2 days left has a current bid of £400 ... watch this space.  Personally I wouldn't give £5 for it! ... but that's just my opinion.

The flip 'Living' In The Past' was also recorded in 1966 by Barbara Banks on Veep 1247 as the official A side to the classic 'River Of Tears' co-written with Gary Knight who also co-wrote 'Living In The Past'.

NS568 Barbara Lynn [1971] - Take Your Love And Run [Atlantic 45-2812]

b/w (Until Then) I'll Suffer (official A side)
Format  45
Label     Atlantic
Cat No  45-2812
Value     £15

On the flip side to '(Until Then) I'll Suffer' on Atlantic, 'Take The Love And Run' is a Motownesque outing by Barbara Lynn picked up on by the Northern scene.  It's not too difficult to find or expensive as the A side was a hit.  plenty has been written about Barbara Lynn on the net so check out Barbara Lynn @ Wikipedia