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NS599 Bobby Treetop [1965] - Wait Till I Get To Know Ya [Tuff 417]

599 Bobby Treetop [1965] - Wait Till I Get To Know Ya [Tuff 417]

Label:    Tuff (Chicago)
CatNo:   417
Year:     1965
Value:    $150-$250 - Prices vary depending on condition
Note:     This was bootlegged in 70s so make sure it's original copy.  Original is vinyl, boot is styrene and label design is different - most notably the 'Tuff' logo.

A big sound at The Catacombs (Wolverhampton) in 1973, played alongside E. Rodney Jones 'R&B Time' (and the Superlatives, Tempos, Moses Smith, Butch Baker, Alice Clark etc. etc.)
It starts off like a Hong Kong movie theme from the 1960's to sounding like Lee Garrett and grows into a 60s stomper.  This song was written and also recorded by Ken (Kenneth) Williams & Babysitters as 'Get To Know Ya' on Spectator. (The same Ken Williams who sang 'Come Back' on Okeh?) A demo was cut (around 1974) from the tapes from Herb Abramson's vaults and limited to around 200 copies.

A comprehensive Tuff 45 discography may be found over at Dave Rimmer's excellent site

It would appear the record was issued in 1965 with 2 different B sides, 'R&B Time (which is the instrumental version of Wait 'Til I Get To Know Ya) and 'Valentine'.

The next release on Tuff 418 by E. Rodney Jones (Chicago WVON DJ) put 'R&B Time on the topside and this became another Northern Soul favourite and will be featured at number 327. 'R&B Time' also featured as the flip of an earlier Bobby Treetop release on Tuff 415 and another Northern favourite 'So Sweet, So Satisfying'.  This one goes for around $430.
Another interesting release on Tuff is by one Kendra Spotwood (aka Sandi Sheldon who was Van McCoy's girlfriend) 'Stickin' With My Baby' on Tuff 407 in 1965.

Little Joe Roman 'When You're Lonesome (Come On Home) Tuff 419 also had plays on the scene and will be featured at number 232.

Unfortunately I can't find any information on Bobby Treetop.  He is apparently related in some way to Tommy Bush and Phil Flowers.  Can anyone help?

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