Thursday, 24 September 2009

NS598 William Powell - Heartache Souvenirs [Power-House 101]

598 William Powell [196?] - Heartache Souvenirs [Power-House 101]
b/w The Chicken Shack

Format: 45
Label:   Power-House (L.A.)
CatNo: 101
Year:    196?
Value:   $5,100 +

Know very little about William Powell.  Heartache Souvenirs was self-penned and produced.  Arranged by Miles Grayson and recorded on Power-House records 101 in L.A. It would appear to be the first release on the label.  Other known releases include:
- Little Howard Rice &  His Soul Lifters
- The Rice Bros
- 3 Steps To Heaven - "My Little Girl / Do The Shaft"

The 45 is extremely rare and sold in Aug 2009 for $5,100.  Less than 10 copies are 'known' in the hands of collectors. The copy sold on eBay allegedly came from a collection owned by Lela Martin.

It was released on 'For Millionaire Only (Goldmine GSCD99) for us mortals.  There is another copy (or is it the same copy being touted?) available on eBay if you're feeling 'flush' with a 'buy now' price of $7,499.99 expiring 11th Oct 2009.  Rumour has it that a box of 25 have surfaced?

The record was discoverd by Arthur Fenn (Check This) and covered up as Bobby Jason "All These Things".  Soul Sam bought it from Arthur and played it at Wigan in 1979.  Sam later traded it with Richard Searling.   It's claimed that Keb Darge was playing it at Stafford in 1983. Keith Minshull played it uncovered in 1983 having allegedly paid £150 for it.

Opinions are very split on this record.  You either 'love it or hate it, and perhaps it's another case or rarity over quality.

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