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NS591 Bobby Jason - Wall To Wall Heartaches [Ranwood R-813]

591 Bobby Jason [1968] - Wall To Wall Heartaches [Ranwood R-813]
b/w You Don't Know The Meaning Of The Word

Format:   45
Label:     Ranwood
CatNo:    R-813
Year:      1968
Value:     $170

Again, I'm afraid no information on the artist.  Once again sounds like a white 60s pop singer to these ears, but this was a big all-nighter sound back in the day and is kinda haunting and catchy.  Bobby Jason's other 'claim to fame' on the scene was his name being used as a cover up for William Powell's 'Heartache Souvenirs' (see previous post NS598) when it was first played as Bobby Jason 'All These Things'.

The track was written by Pat Vegas and produced in California, I would guess late 68 or 69.

Ranwood Records was started in 1968 by Randy Wood (after he left Dot Records) together with Lawrence Welk. Most of Welk's recorded musical output from that point on was released on the Ranwood label. Welk acquired Wood's interest in the label in 1979. During the mid 1980s, the label was folded into the larger umbrella Welk Music Group, which also acquired the folk and bluegrass labels Vanguard and Sugar Hill.

Looking at a discography for Ranwood it produced predominantly middle of the road material.  Needless to say there is no album by Bobby Jason (on Ranwood at least).  Notable artists appearing on Ranwood include Linda Carr (3 releases including 'I Feel Love Coming On') b/w 'In My Life'  [Ranwood 406] (see clip below) and Damito Jo (8 releases including 'I'll Save The Last Dance For You' issued twice, once a B side and again as A side).

Linda Carr 'In My Life' [Ranwood 406]  100mph Northern Soul

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