Friday, 10 December 2010

NS583 Jesse Johnson [1966] - Left Out [Old Town 1195]

b/w Hundred Pounds Of Clay
Format:  45
Label:    Old Town
CatNo:  1195
Year:     1966
Value:   $1200

This record was the penultimate release on the Old Town label which ran from 1952 to 1966 and featured other notable artists known on the rare soul scene such as Arthur Prysock, The Volumes, Donald Height, The Fiestas, The Gypsies.
This is NOT Jesse Johnson the guitarist of The Time and I have not been able to discover any info about this particular Jesse Johnson.


John said...

Hi, great work, another 5 in the series, thanks. File for this one though seems to be missing from Rapidshare.
Thanks again,

soul-strutter said...

Hi John, Thanks for letting me know. I've now re-upped it and it seems to be working now. Keep checking back as I've got another 10 on their way over then next few days!

John said...

Thanks - link works fine now - looking forward to the next instalments - keep up the good work.