Monday, 13 December 2010

NS562 Benzine [1965] - Village Of Tears [Parkway P-996-B]

b/w: What The Heck's The Hanky Panky (official A side)
Format: 45
Label: Parkway
Cat No: P-996-B
Year: 1967
Value: $132

Another group that is elusive.  This is their only outing on Parkway and I can't find anything else by them or any further information apart from that they recorded this in 1965 as the flip to 'What The Heck's The Hanky Panky' Parkway P-996-B.  They definately sound like a white pop band to me so perhaps someone in the Philly are may have heard of them?
I'm not sure when this was first played but it was spun at Wigan Casino around 1977/78 but could have been an oldie already by then?   It's an atmospheric, a little off-key early / mid 60s almost garage type sound.  It was pressed (bootlegged) to supply demand and you should be able to pick up the 'reissue' for no more than £10.

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