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NS517 Elbie Parker [1966] - Please Keep Away From Me [Veep 1246]

517 Elbie Parker [1966] - Please Keep Away From Me [Veep 1246]
Artist:Elbie Parker
A:Please Keep Away From Me
B:Lucky Guy
Label Discography:Label Discography
Cat No:1246
Value Link:$700
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Artist Discography:Artist Discography

Played at Stafford.

Hexagonal shaped labels pressed at ""Monarch"" los Angeles and the other version is from ""Shelly Products"" New York

517 Elbie Parker [1966] - Please Keep Away From Me [Veep 1246]

NS518 Joanie Sommers [1965] - Don’t Pity Me [WB 5629]

518 Joanie Sommers [1965] - Don’t Pity Me [WB 5629]
Artist:Joanie Sommers
A:Don’t Pity Me
B:My Block
Label Discography:Label Discography
Cat No:5629
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Artist Biography:Joannie Sommers Biography
Artist Discography:Joannie Sommers Discography

A white demo sold recently (7 Jan 2011) for $571

My Block was co-written by Jimmy Radcliffe with Bert Berns and Carl Spencer and also previously recorded by Clyde McPhatter on 'Songs Of The Big City' LP and by The Chiffons as The Pennies on Rust (

Joanie Sommers [1965] - Don’t Pity Me [Live]

Joannie Sommers - Never Throw Your Dreams Away [Columbia 45-423567]

Joannie Sommers - Call Me

NS519 Benny Spellman [1962] - Fortune Teller [Minit / London 644 / 45-HLP 9570]

519 Benny Spellman [1962] - Fortune Teller [Minit / London 644 / 45-HLP 9570]
Artist:Benny Spellman
A:Fortune Teller
B:Lipstick Traces (On A Cigarette)
Label:Minit / London
Label Discography:Label Discography
Cat No:644 / 45-HLP 9570
Value Link:$?
Artist Biography:Benny Spellman Bio
Artist Discography:Artist Discography

Hailing from New Orleans, Benny Spellman was inducted into the Louisiana Hall of Fame on 11th July 2009

Louisiana Music Hall of Fame
lmhof Induction 2009
Benny Spellman

Benny suffered a major stroke in the early 1990s and remains under care today.

This frenetic, cajun-spiced beat draws with the almost-erratic piano line and vocal (with Allen Toussaint in the background) wind their way into your head in spite of no easy or central hook in the song. Fortune Teller was covered by The Rolling Stones, The Throb and The Who did a live version.

Lipstick Traces was the official A side which was covered many times but most notabley by The O'Jays on their Comin' Through LP on Imperial in 1965.

01 - Fortune Teller
02 - Stickin' Witcha Baby
03 - In The Night
04 - Every Now And Then
05 - 'Tain't It The Truth
06 - Life Is Too Short
07 - You Don't Love Me No More
08 - Talk About Love
09 - I Feel Good
10 - Lipstick Traces (On A Cigarette)
11 - I'll Never Leave You
12 - It's For You
13 - Word Game
14 - You Got To Get It
15 - Anywhere You Go
16 - 10-4 (Calling All Cars)

519 Benny Spellman [1962] - Fortune Teller [Minit / London 644 / 45-HLP 9570]

Benny Spellman [1962] - Lipstick Traces (On A Cigarette) [Minit 644]

Rolling Stones - Fortune Teller

The Throb - Fortune Teller

From obscure origins as a Sydney-based surf-instrumental band, The Throb emerged in 1965 and briefly shot to national prominence. Despite its short tenure, the group left no doubt about its punkish potential and they have been immortalised on record by two superb singles, their snarling ""garage-punk"" version of ""Fortune Teller"", which smashed its way to the top of the national charts in early 1966, and their group arrangement of the old English folk song, ""Black (Is The Colour Of My True Love's Hair)"", a slashing, snarling piece of proto-gothic wonderment. (Source: Milesago, great site on early Australian bands).

The Throb consisted of John Bell (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Denny Burgess (bass, vocals), Peter Figures (drums) and Marty Van Wynk (lead guitar).

The Who - Fortune Teller (Studio version)

The Who - Fortune Teller (Live)

The Who - Fortune Teller (Live in Leeds)