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Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Schwey [2021] - Schwey 2: Cyber Soul [604 Records]

This one's different, futuristic and 'interesting' (if you're feeling adventurous) from a group from Vancouver (Canada) who released their first, self-titled, album in 2019 having previously released a few singles. 

Since then they've released a five track EP "Koronteen" in May 2020 (presumably a word play on quarantine) and three more singles, and on 26 May 2021 their sophomore album "Schwey 2: Cyber Soul" from which the current single is "Who Says" (probably the best track). 

I quite like "Love U Always" which comes across as a 'sort of'  futuristic jazz/funk track and "Was It You" is probably another of the better tracks. 

The material is certainly original which may not appeal to everyone but at least it's stretching boundaries (and contains no rapping although I didn't listen to all tracks all the way through so there might be!).

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Rating: 7.8
Genre/Style: Neo Soul / Future Beats
Format: Album
Media: Digital
Label: 604 Records
Cat No: None
Year: 28/05/2021
Value: £6.49

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