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NS520 Ellusions [1965] - You Didn't Have To Leave [Lamon 2004]

520 Ellusions [1965] - You Didn't Have To Leave [Lamon 2004]
A:You Didn't Have To Leave
B:You Wouldn't Understand (Official A Side)
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Cat No:2004
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I can find no information about Ellusions. Lamon records was established in 1962 in South Carolina, later moving to Nashville and is still in existence today. The label specialises in bluegrass and country. It would appear that the Ellusions were a 60s white garage band.

The official A side is in fact 'You Wouldn't Understand' which starts off really slowly in a doo wop vein and then turns into a more mid-tempo groove in more of a crossover flavour. (poor quality YouTube clip below - I may have to dig out my 45 and rip it for a better sample). 'You Didn't Have To Leave' is a more obvious Northern dancer.

It used to be quite rare but a box of them was turned up in the 80s which brought the price down. It has also been bootlegged on styrene, the original being vinyl.

520 Ellusions [1965] - You Didn't Have To Leave [Lamon 2004]
Ellusions [196-] - You Wouldn't Understand [Lamon 2003]

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