Tuesday, 4 January 2011

NS545 International G.T.O.'s [1966] - I Love My Baby [Rojac 45-1007]

b/w: It's Been Raining In My Heart (Official A Side)
Format: 45
Label: Rojac
Cat No: 45-1007
Year: 1966
Value: £200

Written and produced by Freddie Briggs and Jack Taylor. This is a highly regarded stomper on the scene from the, up until now, elusive International G.T.O.s.

The following information was culled from comments from Tommy Lockhart in response to the You Tube video of The International GTOs.

The GTO means 'Gran Trismo Orgettos' which is latin.

'The International GTO"s were baritone, Willie Powell, 2nd tenor,Tunde Aleem (then Arthur Allen), 1st tenor Norman Dade and lead, Tommy Lockhart. They recorded between 1963-65. They were also known as the Master Four who recorded for Jet Set 'It's Not The End' (doo wop).'

'Willie Powell has since passed. Tunde and his brother are a successful songwriting and producers in the field, Norman travels throughout the world in the gospel field and Tommy sings with the Sheps (an acapella vocal group) and the Legendary Teenagers (with the existing members of Frankie Lyman's group). '

1007 - International G.T.O's - It's Been Raining In My Heart / I Love My Baby - 1966
130 - Master Four -The Mojo Man / It's Not The End - 1969

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