Thursday, 6 January 2011

NS537 The Twans [196?] - I Can't See Him Again [Dade 1903]

b/w: Darling Tell Me Why
Format: 45
Label: Dade
Cat No: 1903
Year: 196?
Value: $1626

Discovered by Blackpool Mecca DJ Ian Levine on one of his regular US trips to Miami in 1975, this became a massive sound at Wigan Casino in 1977.  A typical mid 60s girlie group sound so popular at the time which sounded great in big all-nighter halls. I'm not sure of the year it was issued but would guess around 1964/65.

The Twans are a mystery and I don't know if they ever released anything else.  According to Jeff Lemlich (author of 'Savage Lost' a 416 page book covering the music scene in Miami in the 60s) in a comment in response to Colin Dilnot's article, The Twans were one of many Miami girl groups of the 60s and one of the singers replaced Annette Snell ('It's All  Over Now' Epic) as lead singer of The Fabulettes ('The Bigger They Are The Harder They Fall' fame). You can read more about Annette Snell here.

The record itself is ultra rare the last copy selling on eBay for a wopping $1525 in April 2010, only 3 or 4 original copies have been auctioned on eBay.

Written by Brad Shapiro and Steve Alaimo and issued on Henry Stone's Dade label, this is the most elusive record to find on the label.  According to Jeff Lemlich this is the only Miami girl group record that he does not own and he has never been able to find it despite living in Miami all his life!

You can hear the flip side Darling Tell Me Why over at InDangerousRhythms.

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