Sunday, 12 December 2010

NS576 The Formations [1967] - At The Top Of The Stairs [Bank 1007]

Format:  45
Label:    Bank / Mojo
CatNo:  1007 / 2027 001
Year:    1967

An absolute classic that still sounds fresh today despite being hammered over the years.  Soul magic straight out of the motown groove that simply floats along.  Issued in the UK on Mojo owing to huge demand after initial exposure on the Northern Soul scene.
Some members went on to form The Corner Boys in 1969, The Silent Majority in 1970 and Hot Ice in 1972.
They released 3 45s on MGM, At The Top Of The Stairs being originally cut on Bank, 1007 in 1967 and then reissued in on MGM in 1968.
Bank 1007 - At The Top Of The Stairs / Magic Melody - 1967
MGM 13899 - At The Top Of The Stairs / Magic Melody - 1968 

MGM 13963 - Loves Not Only For The Heart / Lonely Voice Of Love - 1968
MGM 14009 - Don't Get Close / There's No Room - 1968

Their debut 45 appears to be:
Coed 601 - Sad Illusion / Better Get What Goes For You - 1965
but I'm not certain that it is the same group and features Margie (Marge Raymond) on lead vocals?

Lonely Voice Of Love MGM K13963
Lead singer sounds very like Jackie Wilson on this track ... which can't be bad!
Taken from the excellent TheSoulhawk channel on YouTube

As an aside, the only other track I'd heard of by The Formations was 'Better What Goes For You' played by Richard Searling at Wigan around 77/78.  Hunting for that track I came across the following.  It was actually recorded by Margie & The Formations.  The notes from the You Tube poster are included for information.

Margie was about 15 when this track was recorded and originally released on Coed 601, "Better Get What Goes For You" b/w "Sad Illusion". It was the only single she was to release under this name and with this group.
I discovered that Margie is actually Marge Raymond and has had quite an interesting career with Flame and backing vocals for ELO.
Marge Raymond or just go to MySpace and then type "Marge Raymond" in the "people" search field and you should get two choices of sites - one is "Marge Raymond" and the other for her music/band site "MargeRaymondFlame". She discusses this song and The Formations, as well.

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