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NS590 Bobby Williams [1967] - I've Only Got Myself To Blame [Sure-Shot 5031]

590 Bobby Williams [1967] - I've Only Got Myself To Blame [Sure-Shot 5031]
b/w I'll Hate Myself Tomorrow

Format:   45
Label:     Sure-Shot
CatNo:   5031
Year:      1967
Value:     $361

Sadly, once again, I can find no significant information about the artist.  He is known as Bobby Earl Williams and I believe he hailed from Washington D.C..  He has a highly regarded and super rare funk album 'Super Funky Fly' issued in 1974 on R&R which is now available on Japanese CD (P-Vine).  The album is very much in the James Brown vein.  He recorded another album later in 1976 entitled 'Anybody Can Be A Nobody' on R&R (also reissued by P-Vine).  He recorded 45s  for LuPine in Detroit, Sure-Shot (Chicago?) and R&R Records in Florida clipsof which are included here.  He also recorded 'Funky Super Fly' on MTVH.

Sure-Shot 45s Discography
Sure-Shot issued around 40 (5000-5040) singles between 1963 and 1967. This was Bobby William's sixth and final release for Sure-Shot.  It was a reissue of 'I'll Hate Myself Tomorrow' from 1966 with 'I've Only Got Myself To Blame' officially on the B side.
Other notable artists on the label included The Malibus who released 4 singles with 5028 being 'Gee Baby' which was played on the scene, and also Kim Tolliver ('I Don't Know What Foot To Dance On' fame)  had a release in 1967 5035 'In Return For Your Love' / 'Get A Little Soul'

His 1974 'Super Funky Fly' album is pretty rare and sells for between $300-$600.  It's very much a funky album in the James Brown mould.  Track 3 'Morning Of Love' is a tasty deep soul ballad very reminiscent of early James Brown.

Also found this whilst 'rummaging' around YouTube.  A lovely slice of mellow Modern Soul from 1976.  You Need Love Like I Do on R&R 15312 out of Florida. This track is on the 'Anybody Can Be A Nobody' R&R album.

... And as an added bonus here's an early 6ts number 'Tell It To My Face' on LuPine 111:


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