Friday, 25 September 2009

NS595 The Inspirations - Your Wish Is My Command [Midas 9003]

595 The Inspirations [1966] - Your Wish Is My Command [Midas 9003]
b/w I'll Take A Chance On You

Format:   45

Label:     Midas
CatNo:   9003
Year:      1966
Value:     $1230

I can find very little info about The Inspirations or Midas records, any contributions would be helpful. There are numerous groups calling themslves The Inspirations, from Gospel, Doo Wop and Reggae bands and at least two groups who had a Northern Soul following.

Two other recordings which were big sounds on the Northern Soul scene are:

The Inspirations [196?] - No One Else Can Take Your Place [Breakthrough / Wand] (Northern Soul).  
This one sounds like it could be the same group.  It is extremely rare.

Charles Diamond & The Inspiration [1977] - No One Else Can Take Your Place [Breakthrough] 
A 1977 reworking of their earlier Northern Soul track.

Sound quality is 'not great' on this but gives you an idea!

The Inspirations [196?] - Touch Me, Kiss Me, Hold Me [UK Polydor 56730 / US Black Pearl 100] (Northern Soul).

This is a mid sixties girly group sound and almost certainly not the same group as above, but still a big sound i its day.


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To who it may concern. My name is William E Miller and I wrote and iam singing "YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND" and also "I'll take a chance on you".You can e-mail me at billygeemiller[at]