Friday, 25 September 2009

NS592 Cajun Hart [1968] - Got To Find A Way [WB-Seven Arts]

592 Cajun Hart [1968] - Got To Find A Way [Warner Bros.- Seven Arts 7258]
b/w Lover's Prayer

Format:   45
Label:     Warner Bros - Seven Arts.
CatNo:   7258
Year:     1968
Value:    $400-$650

Can find absolutely no information about Cajun Hart, but they definately sound 'blue-eyed' ... possibly a country band and with a name like cajun presumably from the south i.e. New Orleans area? Check out this link ... very southern and very country?

This 45 is very hard to come by and  has sold for between $400 and $650 in the last few years.  A UK demo will set you back around £350+.

It was reissued on limited edition UK Warner Bros. WB7258 in 2005 with Linda Jones 'Last Minute Miracle' on the flip to promote 'After Hours 3 - More Northern Soul Masters' CD. A 29-track compilation delving deep into the vaults of Atco, Atlantic, Loma, Reprise and Warner Brothers by Richard Searling.

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