Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Walter Jackson [1977] - Gotta Find Me An Angel [ChiSound]

Walter Jackson [1977] - Got To Find Me An Angel [ChiSound]

Taken from the 1977 ChiSound album 'I Want To Come Back As A Love Song' a great version of the Aretha classic with a slightly expaned title.

Aretha Franklin [1973] - Angel [Atlantic]

Aretha Franklin [1973] - Angel [Atlantic]

An absolute classic original version from the undisputed Queen of Soul.

Live on Showtime Special


I got a call the other day
It was my sister, Carolyn, sayin
Aretha, come by when you can
I've got somethin I wanna say.
And when I got there she said
You know, rather than go through a long drawn out thing,
I think the melody on the box, will help me explain

Gotta find me an angel, to fly away with me
Gotta find me an angel, ooh and set me free
My heart is without a whole, I don't want to be alone
I gotta find me an angel in my life, in my life
Too long have I loved, so unattached within
So much that I know that I need somebody so
So I'll just go on hoping that I find me someone
Find me an angel in my life
In my life


I know there must be someone, somewhere for me
Oh I lived too long without the love of someone
And there's no misery ooooooh oooh like the misery
I feel in me, gotta find me an angel in my life
(He'll be there now don't you worry)
My life (keep lookin and just keep cookin)
My life (he'll be there, now don?t you worry)
My life

Simply Red feat The Fugees - Angel (Soulful Strut)

Continuing with the same theme, purely by coincidence just literally picked up 18 CD singles for £6 from a market stall. Skimming through them I stumbled across Mick Hucknall & Simply Red sampling 'Soulful Strut' on their 1996 5 track CD single cover version of Aretha's 'Angel' (Also a good version done by Walter Jackson). Perhaps I'll dig these out for a future post?

Simply Red feat The Fugees [1996] - Angel (Rubbadubb Mix)

Heres a sample of the Sountrack Version I found on You Tube:

Simply Red feat The Fugees - [1996] - Angel

Soul Struttin' - Willie Huth & Young-Holt Unlimited

A couple of 'signature' toons to launch the new blog Willie Hutch from the 1977 'Havin' A House Party' album on Motown:

Willie Hutch [1977] - Soul Strut [US Motown]

.... And the fabulous Young-Holt Unlimited from their 1968 'Soulful Strut' LP on Brunswick:

Young-Holt Unlimited [1966] - Soulful Strut [US Brunswick]